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Genesis bikes are one of the best selling bike brands in our line up and its easy to see why! Making classic looking British bikes with a moden twist and the best paint jobs in the trade you can also see why they have a MASSIVE following within the cycling community. Coming in at all the right prices these modern looking classics are mint, proper mint! Built by people who simply love bikes for people who love bikes. With a cult following and a pro team racing custom carbon frames Genesis bikes must be the best British brand surely?

Genesis bikes is a brand that is run by a small group of bike designers, lovers and riders. They are british designed for british conditions but this doesn't mean they don't get used all over the world. We have shipped Genesis Bikes as far as Australia. They really are bikes that are loved by the world, with timeless designs and colours Genesis Bikes are one of the best selling brands that we stock.
At Genesis we love all sorts of bikes, so odds-on the bikes you love to ride are the ones we enjoy bringing to life. We aren't the biggest brand or perhaps the coolest, we don't spend the most on marketing and definitely haven't been around the longest, we aren't at the pointy end of the latest fad and don't take ourselves too seriously either but what we are serious about is delivering an ever-broader range full of only really good bikes. We're honest about what we make and where we make it, we're proud to create bikes that work well and meet a need perfectly, we love bikes that are built properly and last like they're meant to and we like our bikes to look good too. We sweat every detail on every bike (day and night, on the way to work, at weekends, on the way home) until it's right. Genesis bikes - thought out, practical, beautiful, functional bikes built to last by a brand that cares if you like it or not. Genesis is very much a rider's brand. Everyone who is involved with this brand rides bikes and they're an important part of our lifestyles. For us cycling is about freedom and escape, it's about slowing down and noticing the world that's going on around you, it's also about good times with friends and happy memories. When we design our bikes, first and foremost we consider function, we try not to follow trends as at some point they always go out of fashion. We use plain colours and simple graphics so that our bikes have a timeless feel to them. We hope that a Genesis bike will look as good after five years as it does on the day it leaves the shop floor. In an industry where it seems we are constantly being spoon fed new technologies or the latest big thing, it's all too easy to get caught up in it all. So what do we do? Well, quite simply we step away, we go and ride, we remember why we ride bikes and we dream up and create products that we have belief in. We may decide to embrace some technologies, but we are always selective about it. Often the greatest innovations are the simplest ones; those that make you wonder why you didn't invent it yourself. Through our own unique process of design we have calved our own path, often ignored what everyone else is doing and because of that produced truly great bikes that we are proud of. Models like the Croix der fer or the Day One Alfine 11 don't get dreamt up from being sat behind a computer, the inspiration comes from riding lots and pursuing our own ideas. We can assure you of one thing and that is we build road, mountain and cross bikes that are a pleasure to ride and that will leave you smiling.

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